What is 

Goulock ? 

What is Goulock ?

Thanks to an innovative concept, we offer layout solutions that will beautifully showcase your bottles. Whether you're outfitting your cellar or simply seeking a practical and aesthetic storage solution for a few bottles, with Goulock, you'll find everything you need. The modularity of our solutions makes it easy to adapt to your project, and with its sleek design, they integrate perfectly into your space. The Goulock principle keeps each label entirely visible and allows direct access to the bottle you choose, without having to move others. Its unique neck-holding system is entirely secure, thanks to Goulock's proprietary locking mechanism. As for us, we are a Belgian small family-owned business, passionate about designing, continually developing, and wholeheartedly manufacturing this unique system.

We work as a family 

Goulock is a family-owned company that handles 100% of the production of its products. This allows us to adapt to each project.


Thanks to its unique modular system, our racks can accommodate all types of needs.

Home installation

We also offer an installation service, whether it's at your home or at your business premises, we can come to you

Some customer experiences...

A cellar with a strong character.

Goulock, with its modularity and ease of installation, allows you to organize various spaces, as seen in this cellar with a strong character, featuring walls made of old stones typical of the Ardennes region

Its unique design allows you to give your cellar a second life while keeping an eye on your bottles 

Le Château de Bourglinster.  

Following a request from Château de Bourglinster, we created a display stand on wheels for them to use as a wine menu. This showcases their finest bottles. Additionally, a fully customized engraved board was designed to best represent the restaurant

To optimize space.

Our client had an empty space under their staircase. Being a wine enthusiast, they reached out to us to optimize this space. After assessing the area and understanding the client's needs, we were able to propose several different configurations.

Once the project was accepted by the client, Goulock's team was able to be on-site for assembly in less than a morning. 

Want a well-organized cellar?

Goulock offers a fully customizable design service. 

Our Products

Mini Goulock

The Mini Goulock is a small display stand with a 100% Goulock design that can hold up to 6 bottles.

​Ideal for having your best bottles at your fingertips during your meals.

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Goulock CUBE

The Goulock Cube is our latest model featuring a very modern style and modular cubes. It adapts to any type of interior decor.

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Our News

Present at Horecatel

The Goulock team has been participating in the Horecatel Fair for 2 years now. This allows us to meet with you and engage in discussions with the aim of continually improving.

Creation of removable racks.

These removable racks allow our restaurant clients, for instance, to have a highly original wine list that's easy to bring to the table, enabling customers to choose their own bottle.

Interior Design Project 

Thanks to its modularity, Goulock can adapt to any space. You can contact us with a project or available space, and the Goulock team will be happy to offer you various storage solutions.